Chocolat du Monde



The finest chocolates assembled
in one petite boutique.

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About the Owner

David Heiland

David Heiland brings with him a background in real estate, banking, customer service, the restaurant business, a love for pleasing people, and for the pursuit of the finest pleasures in life. David lived in Europe for many years, gaining the "Joie de Vivre" that has brought him to this point in his life.



Our Strategy and Competitive Edge

David Heiland

Chocolate buyers differ from most retail buyers. Our guests are buying something they love. It makes them feel good. Maintaining this mood with knowledgeable, courteous and quick service, will continue this amorous relationship.

Years of restaurant business from the owners will help bring a competitive edge and fresh fiscal eyes over the competition.

From the facade to the music, from the aromas to the "Merci's;" our strategy will be implemented by delighting our guests with all that we are... Chocolate of the World.

Chocolat du Monde will provide our guests with the highest quality products at a competitive price and unsurpassed customer service.

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Chocolat du Monde - About Us - The Worlds's Finest Chocolate Boutique
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